Wastewater treatment and disposal.

To sustainably maintain a septic system in top condition, you can rely on Augias Europa to accompany you on all your sanitation-related projects.

We propose a residential maintenance contract for your sanitation installation:

  • Septic tank and mini-sewage treatment plants.
  • Grease traps.
  • Effluent filters.
  • Pumping stations.

Implementation respects the SPANC (Public On-site Sanitation Service) charter:

  • Inspection of your installation before SPANC diagnostic.
  • Emptying septic tanks, water tanks.
  • Maintenance of sump pump basket.

Pumping and Cleaning:

  • Bassin.
  • Soak pit.
  • Treatment plant.
  • Dredging drainfield.
  • High pressure cleaning.

Installation new septic tank.
Renovation of a residential sanitation installation:

  • Soil studies (Geologic).
  • Supply and installation of septic tank or mini wastewater treatment unit 4 equivalent population to 300 EP and greater.
  • Creation and repair manholes or other.
  • Seepage : Sand filters, sewage farming shallow depths, non-draining filter bed, draining filter bed.
  • We ensure the landscaping after the job is done.

Dredging public wastewater systems:

  • Waste water.
  • Rain water.