Companies can rely on our expertise and our ability to intervene quickly and efficiently without interrupting their activity.

We conduct preliminary studies to measure any risks to your installation and our personnel.
We ensure traceability of your waste materials and processing at an authorized facility.

Our range of activities:

  • We intervene in all types of configurations.
  • High pressure scrubbing & cleaning.
  • Pumping and transporting waste materials to an authorized treatment center.
  • Dry pumping.
  • Dust removal from structures.
  • Boiler cleaning.
  • Cleaning of air cooling towers.
  • Televised inspections with reports.
  • We comply with ADR (International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) regulations for work in explosive-prone areas.
  • Fuel or oil products tank degassing (any volume).
  • Leak testing of fuel or oil products tanks and piping.
  • Neutralization of fuel or oil products tanks (fill with cement), inerting, cutting, plasma, nibbling machine, tank removal.
  • Fuel or oil products tank replacement.
  • Cleaning of all types of hydrocarbon vats.
  • Removal of water mixed with oil from vessels, water down in the hold.
  • Cleaning carwash facilities, hydrocarbon separators, scrubbers.
  • Ability to operate in small areas.
  • We can intervene at your convenience (when equipment is not in use, for example).
  • Site cleanup.